Precautions for installing quick connectors

Quick connectors can achieve quick sealing connections for test pieces such as straight pipes and holes. The handle type quick connector is attached to the inner wall of the test pipe through its front sealing ring. The front end has a fully automatic limit device, so there is no need to ensure that the sealing surface of the connector seal and the tested workpiece is dry during use, and the sealing effect can also be achieved. The main advantage of this product is that it can seal straight pipes or holes with a large tolerance range, the sealing ring is adaptive, and there is no damage to the test pipe fittings, especially suitable for high-pressure testing circuits; The seal adopts imported special material sealing rings, which have the characteristics of long service life and good sealing performance.

Used for pressure and airtightness testing of straight pipes, drilled holes, and internally threaded components. It utilizes the principle of elastic sealing to seal circular or rough surfaces and adapt to larger tolerance test pieces. Pneumatic drive can be applied to automated testing. The connector utilizes the friction force between the sealing element and the surface of the test piece to achieve a connection, so the sealing surface of the connector sealing element and the test piece cannot be contaminated with water or other lubricating substances.

Quick connectors are widely used in various fields, and we generally classify them according to industry or specific pipe fitting types. Fast connect applications in industries such as automobiles, air conditioning refrigeration, water heaters, medical equipment, spare parts, new energy vehicles, new energy batteries, instruments and meters, etc., can be used in almost all industries that require sealing testing. According to specific pipe fittings, they can be divided into: straight through light pipes, light holes, gradually expanding pipes, flange pipes, threaded pipes, plastic pipes, pagoda heads, flanged pipes, flange buckle pipes, etc. Most pipe types on the market have suitable quick connector models, and there are also some unconventional pipe or hole types that can be developed and designed.

When installing the quick connector, it is still necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Do not dock or disconnect the quick connect fitting when there is dynamic pressure in the system.

2. Please ensure that the power pump is in a non working state.

3. The use of rubber hoses can better withstand system vibration and mechanical stress. Avoid vibrations in the hydraulic circuit that may cause accidental disconnection or damage.

4. Please use the correct tools for installation and removal.

5. The installation of the hose must facilitate the connection/disconnection of the quick coupling and align the position of the quick coupling.

6. Please ensure that the work is always within the allowable pressure and temperature range.

7. Before connecting the quick connector, using grease lubrication can be more conducive to the smooth operation of the male and female ends. Always connect the threaded quick connect fitting above the stop mark.